Galactic and Solar System Optical Astrometry; Proceedings of the Royal Greenwich Observatory and the Institute of Astronomy Workshop, Held in Cambridge, June 21-24, 1993.

By: MORRISON, L.V.; G.F. GILMORE (editors).

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8vo. xvii, 339 pp. Pictorial blue boards. Fine. ISBN 10: 0521462401 ISBN 13: 9780521462402 SIGNED BY ONE OF THE AUTHORS, DON YEOMANS, for this was his copy. Contents: Estimates of proper motions and of spherical coordinates obtained by the overlapping-plates method [by], H. Eichhorn; Proper motions of the PPM [by], S. Roser; The U.S. Naval Observatory Astrographic Catalog project [by], S. E. Urban and T. E. Corbin; Assessing the AGK3, AGK3U, ACRS (Part 1), and PPM (North) [by], D. Daou and L. G. Taff; Lick NPM program: NPM1 Catalog and its applications [by], A. R. Klemola, R. B. Hanson and B. F. Jones; Southern Proper Motion Program: progress, scope and accuracy [by], W. F. van Altena, I. Platais, T. M. Girard and C. E. Lopez; Proper motions from fourfold astrographic coverage of the northern hemisphere: first results [by], G. A. Ivanov, V. S. Kislyuk, L. K. Pakulyak, T. P. Sergeeva and A. I. Yatsenko; Improving proper motions in the southern hemisphere using CPC2 [by], N. Zacharias; Improving proper motions with the Carlsberg Automatic Meridian Circle [by], C. Fabricius, L. V. Morrison and L. Helmer; Ground-based parallaxes for nearby stars [by], H. Jahreiss; The new edition of the Yale Parallax Catalogue: a look at systematic errors [by], W. F. van Altena, J. T. Lee and E. D. Hoffleit; USNO parallax program: directions, results and applications [by], C. C. Dahn; An analysis of the accuracy of the parallaxes in the 1952 Yale General Catalogue [by], K. Aa. Strand; Parallaxes for the non-astrometrist [by], C. Tinney, N. Reid and J. Mould; HIPPARCOS proper motions and parallaxes [by], L. Lindegren, J. Kovalevsky and M. A. C. Perryman; TYCHO astrometry of one million stars [by], E. Hog, V. V. Makarov and H. Pedersen; A test of preliminary HIPPARCOS parallaxes using photometric parallaxes of distant stars [by], R. Wielen, H.-H. Bernstein, C. Dettbarn, R. Hering, R. Jahrling, H. Lenhardt and H. G. Walter; Status of Hubble Space Telescope Fine Guidance Sensor Astrometry [by], P. D. Hemenway, W. H. Jefferys and G. F. Benedict et al; Stellar kinematics: the Galactic context [by], G. Gilmore and R. F. G. Wyse; Stellar kinematics at the SGP [by], J. Stock, R. J. Agostinho, J. A. Rose and A. R. Upgren; Galactic kinematics from the Cambridge APM Proper Motion Project [by], D. W. Evans; Structure and kinematics of the Galaxy with Schmidt plates [by], N. V. Kharchenko, E. Schilbach and R.-D. Scholz; Evolution of old populations of our Galaxy [by], P. E. Nissen; Galactic structure with the GSC plate archive - Colors and proper motions in the main meridional section of the Galaxy: first results [by], M. G. Lattanzi, A. Spagna, B. M. Lasker, G. Massone, B. McLean, B. Bucciarelli and M. Postman; Galactic internal motions derived from proper motion surveys [by], M. Miyamoto; Kinematics of the stellar populations from a proper motion survey [by], C. Soubiran; Dynamical analysis of local kinematical data [by], J. J. Binney; Absolute proper motions and tangential velocities to B=22.5 at the SGP [by], X. Guo, T. M. Girard, Wm. F. van Altena and C. E. Lopez; Expected phase space distribution of disc stars [by], J. A. Sellwood; The Solar Neighborhood [by], A. R. Upgren; Disk density from a survey of F stars at the NGP [by], J. Knude; Proper motions of Stephenson's spectroscopically selected Red Dwarfs [by], D. H. P. Jones and M. Azzaro; Observations in the region of the Orion Association [by], R. L. Smart; Stellar Clusters, Superclusters and Groups [by], O. J. Eggen; The Hyades Cluster [by], N. Reid; Is the Stellar Luminosity Function Universal? [by], I. Platais; Studies of nearby OB associations [by], P. T. de Zeeuw, A. G. A. Brown and W. Verschueren; Measuring velocity dispersions in Open Clusters [by], F. van Leeuwen; The mass-luminosity relation from proper motions in Galactic open clusters [by], I. V. Petrovskaya; Proper motions of Galactic halo globular clusters and nearby Galactic dwarf spheroidal satellites [by], R.-D. Scholz and M. J. Irwin; The central Galactic star cluster and the 'mini-spiral' morphology [by], A. M. Fridman, O. V. Khoruzuii, V. V. Lyakhovich and L. Ozernoy; On the motion of the Magellanic Clouds [by], P. Kroupa, S. Roser and U. Bastian; ROEMER satellite project: The first high-accuracy survey of faint stars [by], E. Hog and L. Lindegren; Meridian circle observations of the planets [by], E. M. Standish; Astrometric observations of minor planets and comets: present and future needs [by], B. G. Marsden; Astrometry and space missions to asteroids and comets [by], D. K. Yeomans; Occultation astrometry: predictions and post-event results [by], C. B. Olkin and J. L. Elliot; Methods for development of satellite theories [by], P. J. Message; CCD Observations at the Bureau des Longitudes: analysis of the positions of satellites [by], J.-E. Arlot, F. Colas, W. Thuillot and D. T. Vu; An appraisal of the USNO program for photographic astrometry of bright planetary satellites [by], D. Pascu; CCD Observations of Saturn's satellites [by], K. Beurle; Planetary satellites [by], P. K. Seidelmann; Satellite astrometry with a long-focus astrograph [by], A. A. Kisselev; Some results obtained during the 1991 campaign of observation of the mutual events of the Galilean satellites [by], B. Morando and P. Descamps; Observation and analysis of mutual satellite events [by], K. Aksnes.

Title: Galactic and Solar System Optical Astrometry; Proceedings of the Royal Greenwich Observatory and the Institute of Astronomy Workshop, Held in Cambridge, June 21-24, 1993.

Author Name: MORRISON, L.V.; G.F. GILMORE (editors).

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Publisher: Cambridge:, Cambridge University Press, 1994.: 1994

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